Hair Mesotherapy

You can have stronger and thicker hair with Hair Mesotherapy Treatment
Would you like to protect your weak hair and retrieve your healthy appearance?

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a really effective and non-surgical solution for hair-loss. It provides a healthier and thicker hair for thin and dull hair. Any blood or liquid are not taken from patient. Treatment process is painless. The medicines and ingredients that are used in the process, are approved by Ministry of Health and have been tried before.

How is Hair Mesotherapy done?

Hair mesotherapy Method is done by injecting a mixture to the scalp that includes vitamines, minerals, amino acids to aviod the hair-loss. This special mixture is imported from abroad and used according to patients’ conditions.

During the process mesotherapy mixture is injected to the needy area and thus the problematic field strenghtens. It should be done under expert doctor supervision.

Hair Mesotherapy Medicines

Used medicines are mixtures ,that are made from plants; which are approved by Ministry of Health and American Food And Drug Administration(FDA). They can be procured from pharmacy or other health foundations. Our experts determine the right dose and medicine according to patients’ analysises. Then they determine their effect potential and start to treatment.

Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy

No liquid or blood are taken
Thanks to the mixture, scalp gets all the needed vitamines and minerals.
Discomfort and pain is on the minimum level
No surgical process
Side effects are on the minimum level
You can have healthier and more intense hair
When does the Hair Mesotherapy show its effect?

The time ranges between patients but it generally takes 3-6 months to see the successful result. You can see the difference in a couple weeks. Please prefer certified health providers and expert doctors for successful results.

Hair Mesotherapy Center

Europe Hair Center takes pride in its services in hair mesotherapy field by its experienced and successful staff. Sensitivity and expertness are really important for hair mesotherapy treatments which require professionalism. Ideal dose and patients’ condition should take into consideration for correct results.

For detailed information you can get help from our experts.