Eyebrow Transplantation

Having pretty and charming eyebrows is very easy now
Eyebrow Transplantation Treatment

Eyebrow Transplant is mostly prefered by women but men has started to show interest. Eyebrow is one of the most important factor that we use to express our feelings. People, who are going to have eyebrow transplantation, need to have some specific properties. Firstly, person should be over 20 years of age. That’s because the body reaches to hormonal balance and physical development ends.

How is eyebrow transplantation done?

When people come, the transplantation area’s tissue quality should be checked. If there is a scar or burnt area it must be analyzed carefully and the operation should continue according to that field. Generally, areal losses and insufficient growings are being observed. Sometimes complete falling outs or non-growing situtations are being observed. There are several causes; such as genetic reasons, hormonal reasons, alopecia, stress, scar…

Eyebrow Transplant Technique

While we are determining the line, we are considering your requests and golden ratio in your face. Best donor area is the area between your ears, back side of your head. It is really important that we don’t cut your hair while we are having an operation on donor area. This the natural image will have been protected.

Eyebrow Transplant Before and After

The taken hair follicles should be chosen from single grafts. These single grafts should be taken by 0.6 mm punches. Because the eyebrow’s case depth is low, it needs finer craftsmanship. Created holes should be in the right angle and depth. The angle should range between 15-25 degrees. A lower angle might avoid the right feeding by harming the tissue. A higher degree causes an unnatural image. Eyebrow transplantation’s care is as easy as hair and beard transplantation’s but it needs a special care.

When does the transplanted eyebrow grow?

First 15 days special washing should be done with shampoo and lotion. While washing or massaging that should be done according to the eyebrow’s growing direction (Same direction). First 8 days you should lay on your back. Person who had eyebrow transplantation may wear glasses or sunglasses from the first day but the glasses musn’t touch the transplantation area.

Firstly the transplanted eyebrows are going to undergo a process called shock loss. After the 3rd month growing starts. Approximately in 7th or 8th month appearance will be completed. The time depends on the patients’ metabolisms it may take a year for a full-grown appearance.

Appearance after Eyebrow Transplantation

Lastly, transplanted eyebrows tend to grow faster than normal eyebrow. When they grow they have to be cut by a scissors. In time they are going to adapt and start growing at a normal speed.