DHI Hair Transplant

Operations without shaving is here for you with DHI Hair Transplant Method and Choi Pen applications
(DHI) Direct Hair Implant Technique

Nowadays, there are several hair transplant methods. Transplant area and person’s requests determine the method. Currently DHI (CHOI PEN), FUE Hair Transplant, (Micro FUE, Sapphire FUE and Percutaneous FUE ) are the active methods. Besides these, FUT is a very old method and not being used actively.

Let’s explain the DHI (Direct Hair Implant) technique that known as pen method in the past. First of all, in the DHI method hair follicles are transferred by an implanter pen named as Choi Pen. These are not different treatment methods. One is the name of method, the other one is material that being used in the method.

DHI hair transplant method came out at the Kyungpook National University. At this place it is firstly applied on straight and thick hair’s characteristic and it has been successful. However it has not been successful on curly, wavy and thin hair. Afterwards, Choi Pens’ diameters are widened a little bit more and produced according to general hair types. Today’s active choi pens are ranging between 0.8 -1.2 mm. Choi pen is generally working like a push pen. It has a needle on its tip, which has 21G x ½ thickness and size, and there is a metal at the tip of the needle to press and locate the follicle to tissue. This needle has a space shaped like a straight strip. That space is being used for planting the hair follicles.

Procedures before the operation are similar to other transplant methods in DHI method. 10cc blood is taken from the person and blood test is done before the operation. Also, taken blood sample is used for hair treatment. Operation is begun with determining the right local anesthesia method and then the area is ready for the hair follicle extraction.

Hair follicles are taken from the donor area by Follicular Unit Extraction in DHI method. So far every step is similar to the other transplant methods but from now on it starts to differ.

Hair follicles that are taken from the donor area are placed into the choi pen by the help of a special forceps. Thus hair follicles that are taken from the donor area are ready for transfer. This step is actually the most significant step in DHI method. Because when the hair follicles that are going to be transplanted get damaged while placement, there will be a problem with the hair growth process even all the procedures are done correctly. Therefore experts in their fields should do the operation, it is really important.

Another thing that makes DHI different from other methods is creating the holes and transplanting the follicles is done at the same time. In all the other hair transplant methods hair follicles are not directly transferred to the needy area. To make that happen, micro cuts are done on the needy area, in other words holes are created. Afterwards, hair follicles are placed into these created holes. These two steps are done at the same time in the DHI method. While choi pen’s tip is doing the micro cuts, placed hair follicles are transferred. This method can be considered as an updated version of percutaneous hole creating technique. In percutaneous hole creating technique, a similar tip creates the holes. On the next step transplant is done.

According to person’s requirements, density and number of hair follicles change. Transplanted hair’s angle should be between about 30-40 degrees to balance between existing hair and transplanted ones. As you can see DHI method has more procedures than the normal hair transplant methods so number of hair follicles that will be transplanted in one session is different from the other hair transplant methods.

Generally in DHI Hair Transplant, 1500-200 grafts are transferred in one session. Sure, if the person needs higher numbers session number increases too.

There is no need to cut the whole hair in DHI method, because high numbers can’t be transplanted in one session. Hair follicles are taken by Follicular Unit Extraction method between the hair and they are transferred to the needy area without cutting the hair. People are attracted because of that advantage. People can get back to their routine lives faster.

After the operation people go back to their hotels or their homes and rest in DHI method. On the second day original hair gets checked if there are hair follicles and scalp on the transplant area. After checking, bandages are removed. On the third day special washing is carried out. In the upcoming days procedures and growth time of the hair are same as the other hair transplant methods.

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