Frequently Asked Questıons


Who is Europe Hair Center

Europe Hair Center is a company, which has been working for over 20 years and one of the pioneers at hair transplantation operations. This success stems from its expert staff, accomplished operations and successful patient follow-up system. Its operations are completed according to the terms of Ministry of Health.

Why Europe Hair Center?

Nowadays there are so many hair transplantation companies but the results are oftenly,unnatural,thin or the donor areas are deformed. Adversely, successful outcomes are guaranteed from Europe  Hair Center. Europe Hair Center offers max graft number to finish the operation in one session, makes a natural-looking hair and avoids hair-loss; these services differs Europe Hair Center from others.

What is hair transplantation and which methods are being implemented?

Hair transplantation is transporting hair follicules to needy place with the help of micro motor and punch. There are 3 methods standing out: FUT, DHI and FUE.

Is there any age restrictions for hair transplantion?

Physical growing must be completed, because the forehead and face is going to change in time. That is the reason we are not operating any person under 20(there might be some exceptions). These exceptions are scar, burnt fields or alopecia fields.

Does the transplanted hair fall out in time?

Because the donor field is hormonally and genetically strong, transplanted hair doesn’t fall out.

Who can have hair transplantation?

Anyone who has areal or complete gaps can have hair,beard or eyebrow transplantation.

Before the transplantation is it necessary to cut the hair?

Depending on the transplantation area and donor field, we are operating without cutting, cutting a chosen field or cutting the whole hair.

When the transplanted hair will have been grown and what is the success rate?

Even it is depending on the metabolism, in first 2 weeks the hair grows then falls out mostly.

After falling out there is a waiting period for 2 months. 3-3.5 months later it starts to grow slowly and intensifies by time. It differs from person to person but approximately 1 year after the operation process finishes.

If the person follows our instructions, success rate is 95-97 Percent.

Where are the hair follicles procured from?

The hair follicules are procured from the field between two ears. If this field is insufficient the follicules are procured from chest, shoulder or under side of the chin.

Is the hair transplantation operation painful?

People don’t feel any pain during the operation due to the local anesthesia. They are allowed to do activites such as; sleeping, reading books, surfing on internet, watching TV

How long does the operation take? How is the healing process?

It depends on the transplantation area, tissue quality and the number of the follicules that will be transplanted. The healing time is changing according to person’s metabolism. Supportive medicines are reducing the healing time.

What are the other implementations other than hair transplantation?

We have beard transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, scar transplantation, alopecia treatments, PRP and mesotherapy treatment in our company.